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A Winters Nite.
  • WinPrivacy rips open the veil of secrecy programs have been hiding behind by exposing every single program on your computer that is using the Internet.
  • WinPrivacy tells you from where each program is sending and receiving data, and how much.
  • WinPrivacy gives you the power to block Internet access for any program(s).
  • WinPrivacy lets you block any unknown programs from using the Internet without your permission.
  • WinPrivacy is highly configurable.
  • WinPrivacy removes 3rd party Flash Cookies
  • WinPrivacy blocks Canvas Fingerprinting
  • WinPrivacy tells you which sites DO NOT use Canvas Fingerprinting

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Animation by: Nikki Jon A. Bal
Music: Epic - Composed and performed by Bensound.

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Beta Announcments

The following vendors are reporting false positives on the WinPrivacy installer and or other files installed by WinPrivacy:
  • Avira - ADWARE/InstallRex.Gen, we have submitted many false positive reports to them to no avail. I spoke with a very nice tech support representative today (Jan 29) who promised to forward our submission to their research team. Nothing yet.
  • NANO-Antivirus - Riskware.Win32.NetFilter.dgkdox. No response to false positive reports. Resubmitted again today (Jan 29).
Avast fixed their false positives on Feb 4.
McAfee fixed thier false postives on Feb 4.
Trend fixed their false positives on Feb 4.
QiHoo 360 fixed their false positives on Feb 4.
Jiangmin fixed their false positves on Feb 4.
Sophos corrected their false positive on Feb 3.
DrWeb corrected their false positive on Jan 29.
WebRoot corrected a false positive on a couple of the files very quickly upon notification on Jan 28.
Other venders such as Kaspersky, Norton, Fortinet and others quickly fixed their false positives upon our false positive report submissions.

*** Known Issues ***
No known issues.

Update: (Feb 4) Release Candidate, Build 2015.1.503 is now available
  • Fixed bug resulting in drivers not registering properly on some Windows XP and Vista computers.
  • Fixed bug resulting in WinPrivacy Explorer not always launching post installation when requested
  • Fixed bug resulting error message when double-clicking tray icon in product installed in non-default folder
Update: (Jan31) Release Candidate, Build 2015.1.495 is now available
  • Fixed bug resulting in tray application not always running. This resulted in Alerts not being displayed.
  • Fixed bug resulting in Dashboard not displaying properly when display was set to anything but default setting
  • Fixed bug resulting in Settings tab not displaying properly when display was set to anything but default settings
  • Fixed bug where count of Fingerprinting and Non-Fingerprinting domains was transposed in top section of the Dashboard
  • Altered wording on Dashboard related to Canvas Fingerprinting to make terminology consistent
Update: (Jan27) Release Candidate, Build 2015.1.493 is now available
  • Alert is raised as "Top Most" window
  • Allow button is now honored on New Program Alert message
  • Non-registered users now receive a notice about New Internet Programs. There is no option to block.
  • If block new programs is off, then new programs are allowed by default. Alert contains Allow and Block buttons.
  • If block new programs is on, then new programs are blocked by default. Alert contains Allow and Block buttons.
Update: The wait is finally over(Jan 26) Beta-3 (Release Candidate) is now available. Build 2015.1.489
  • Complete rewrite of WinPrivacy Explorer and Tray Application that fixes sluggishness of UI, excessive memory usage and memory leaks.
  • Improvements in installer
  • Driver improvements for speed and stability
  • Service side improvements to improve speed and stability
  • Ability to "skin" WinPrivacy Explorer
  • UI supports Accessibility
  • UI "remembers" placement and size so that it re-opens in the same state as closing
  • International date bugs in charts are fixed
  • Version is prominently displayed in UI
  • Ability to proactively populate Internet Programs and Blocked Programs screens
  • Functioning Flash Cookies feature
  • Improved Tray Application that gives ability to navigate to tab of your choice
  • Allow and Block buttons on new program alerts
Update:(Jan 05) Beta-2.5 is now available.
  • Fixed bug in the way we retrieved data from the database that resulted in the Dashboard charts not showing any data for 2015.
  • Enhanced service installer to create a detailed log if service installation fails. If the service installation fails, please use the "Copy" button on the screen to copy the data to the clipboard and paste it into an email to
  • Fixed bug that resulted in WinPrivacy Explorer not started on system start-up
Update:(Jan 03) Beta-2 is now available. If the installer fails at 88%, please disable your antivirus and try again. We've noticed that some Antivirus products are blocking the installation of our Windows service w/o even raising a message to the computer user of their action. Fixes/improvements include the following:
  • Introduction of Universal installer that works for on all supported platforms.
    • Simplifies installation
    • Fixes installation failures
    • Supports Windows XP
    • XP & Vista, installs TDI driver
    • W7 and up, tests both TDI and WFP drivers and installs the one with the best throughput.
    • Uninstall properly unregisters and uninstalls driver
  • Added help button to each tab that open a web page containing content specific documentation
  • Improved memory usage in WinPrivacy Explorer. This is NOT the fix, just an improvement.
  • Fixed bug resulting on closed connections not being removed from count of open connections
  • Fixed bug preventing downloading of fingerprinting defintions
  • Fixed sorting on tabs to be alphabetic by name.
    • Full sorting capabilities anticipated in beta-3, along with UI fix
  • Added Clear Data and Clear All buttons to Internet Programs, Blocked Programs, Fingerprinting and Non-Fingerprinting tabs
  • Improved raising of blocked program dialogs
    • A better fix is coming in Beta-3
  • Clearly identifying Installer and User Interface as “Beta” software
  • Moved point in time where internal data transfers are ignored up for speed improvements
  • Altered way cache was being used to help increase service speed of processing
Update:(Dec 27) We had a very enjoyable Christmas, with some surprise visitors from out of town.
  • Today I completed and posted documentation for all of the tabs in WinPrivacy.
  • Fixing a few more minor bugs, including the count of currently open connections. On some installations this number is not decrementing properly.
Update:(Dec 24) We're busily working on a Beta-2 that will limit the memory issues, but regrettably not solve them 100% yet. A complete fix, along with a speed-up is in the works, but will take a bit to complete so we decided to publish what we could quickly.
Update:(Dec 21) We released WinPrivacy Beta-1 this morning. If you purchased WinPrivacy and did not get an announcement, please contact us to ensure you are on our mailing list.

More about WinPrivacy

WinPrivacy gives you status at a glace.

  • Want to easily see what is happening on your computer?
    No problem, just open the Dashboard for an overview.
  • Curious about “How Many?”
    The dashboard give you easy to read information with a single click.
  • Want up to the minute information?
    The data on the dashboard is refreshed every time you open it.



Check out our Dashboard tab documentation.

WinPrivacy is ever vigilant, sniffing out any program trying to use the Internet.

  • Do you know how many programs on your computer are actively using the Internet?
    WinPrivacy Does.
  • Do you know from where each program is sending and receiving data and how much?
    WinPrivacy knows that too.
  • Are you alerted when a new program first connects to the Internet?
    WinPrivacy can do that and automatically block that program for you.


Check out our Internet Programs tab documentation.

Block any program you want from using the Internet.

  • Why block a progrom accessing the Internet?
    Easy, if you don’t see a reason for a program using the Internet, then block it. Better safe than sorry.
  • Curious how many times the programs you’ve blocked are trying to go to the Internet?
    WinPrivacy shows you.
  • Want to block any new program from using the Internet until you approve.
    WinPrivacy does that! You’ll see the results on the Blocked Programs tab.
    And remember, any program means malware too.


Check out our Blocked Programs tab documentation.

WinPrivacy hunts down sites participating in Canvas Fingerprinting.

  • Why is Canvas Fingerprinting dangerous?
    Canvas Fingerprinting can potentially allow companies to share information about all of your browsing habits and what you do when you’re on those sites.
  • Want to know which sites you visit that are Fingerprinting you?
    WinPrivacy knows that.
  • Want to BLOCK Canvas Fingerprinting?
    It’s a snap with WinPrivacy.


Check out our Canvas Fingerprinting tab documentation.

WinPrivacy tells you which sites respect your privacy.

  • Want to know which sites you visit that respect your privacy and do not participate in Canvas Fingerprinting?
    WinPrivacy Knows.
  • Want to do your part by patronizing non-canvasing sites?
    Double-check the site using the Non-Fingerprint tab in WinPrivacy Explorer.
  • Do you want to be alerted when a site you visit is potentially Canvas Fingerprinting?
    WinPrivacy can do that.


Check out our Non-Fingerprinting tab documentation.

View every Flash Cookie on your computer

  • Want to even the playing field by know who is writing flash cookies to your computer?
    With WinPrivacy you can see every single flash cookie on your computer
  • Want the ability to selectively block flash cookies?
    Not a problem, you can direct WinPrivacy to remove any flash cookie written to your computer
  • Want to know how often flash cookies are updated?
    We give you the ability to view flash cookies history, so now you can track who is tracking you.


Check out our Allowed Flash Cookies tab documentation.

Block Flash Cookies from anyone you don’t know or trust.

  • Tired of companies tracking your every move?
    WinPrivacy empowers you to automatically remove any or all flash cookies.
  • Changed your mind? Need that gaming cookie?
    No problem, simply highlight the cookies in question and click “Allow”
  • Want to see how often sites try to write out flash cookies?
    WinPrivacy does that by keeping track of every time any site writes to a flash cookie on your computer.


Check out our Blocked Flash Cookies tab documentation.

WinPrivacy settings are easy to use and understand.

  • Frustrated by programs that don’t explain what settings do what?
    We’re writing WinPrivacy for you the customer, not ourselves. Therefore, if we’ve missed the mark and something is not easy to use, we’ll fix it.
  • Want to kick the tires before you activate all of the settings?
    Not a problem, by default we ship with all settings that can block programs or internet sites off by default.
  • Need to change a setting for an immediate need?
    No problem, all settings changes take effect immediately and can be changed as often as you’d like.


Check out our Settings tab documentation.

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