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Update 5: (Dec 18) My apologies for the delay, but Alpha testers have discovered a few issues that need to be corrected prior to beta release. In addition, we are looking for a few additional alpha testers, please send an email to support@winprivacy.com if you would like to volunteer to run the alpha.
Update 4: (Dec 17) Putting finishing touches in place and will send to a few alpha-testers in order to establish viability for beta release.
Update 3: (Dec 16) Began initial real world testing, found some issues with the installer and am fixing.
Update 2: (Dec 13) Due to the overwhelming number of emails we’ve received about the Adobe Speed Launcher Start-up program we will be delaying the launch of the beta for several days so that we can catch-up and complete our pre-release testing. We apologize for this inconvenience, but responding to our customers in need is our highest priority.
Update 1: (Dec 12) I posted new screenshots from a live installation of WinPrivacy below yesterday.

  • WinPrivacy rips open the veil of secrecy programs have been hiding behind by exposing every single program on your computer that is using the Internet.
  • WinPrivacy tells you from where each program is sending and receiving data, and how much.
  • WinPrivacy gives you the power to block Internet access for any program(s).
  • WinPrivacy lets you block any unknown programs from using the Internet without your permission.
  • WinPrivacy is highly configurable.
  • WinPrivacy removes 3rd party Flash Cookies
  • WinPrivacy blocks Canvas Fingerprinting
  • WinPrivacy tells you which sites DO NOT use Canvas Fingerprinting

Animation by: Nikki Jon A. Bal
Music: Epic - Composed and performed by Bensound.

80% OFF


I want to thank all of the customers of WinPatrol for welcoming me with open arms. What better way to say thank you than offering you 80% off a new and revolutionary product, WinPrivacy.

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WinPrivacy Dashboard

WinPrivacy gives you status at a glace.

  • Want to easily see what is happening on your computer?
    No problem, just open the Dashboard for an overview.
  • Curious about “How Many?”
    The dashboard give you easy to read information with a single click.
  • Want up to the minute information?
    The data on the dashboard is refreshed every time you open it.

WinPrivacy is ever vigilant, sniffing out any program trying to use the Internet.

  • Do you know how many programs on your computer are actively using the Internet?
    WinPrivacy Does.
  • Do you know from where each program is sending and receiving data and how much?
    WinPrivacy knows that too.
  • Are you alerted when a new program first connects to the Internet?
    WinPrivacy can do that.
WinPrivacy Internet Programs
WinPrivacy Blocked Programs Page

WinPrivacy hunts down sites participating in Canvas Fingerprinting.

  • Why is Canvas Fingerprinting dangerous?
    Canvas Fingerprinting can potentially allow companies to share information about all of your browsing habits and what you do when you’re on those sites.
  • Want to know which sites you visit that are potentially Fingerprinting you?
    WinPrivacy knows that.
  • Want to BLOCK Canvas Fingerprinting?
    It’s a snap with WinPrivacy.

Block any program you want from using the Internet.

  • Why would you want to do this?
    Easy, if I don’t see a reason for a program using the Internet, then I want to stop it. Better safe than sorry.
  • Curious how many times the programs you’ve blocked are trying to go to the Internet?
    WinPrivacy shows you.
  • Want to block any new program from using the Internet until you approve.
    WinPrivacy does that! You’ll see the results on the Blocked Programs tab.
WinPrivacy Fingerprinting Referrers
WinPrivacy Non-Fingerprinting

WinPrivacy tells you which sites respect your privacy.

  • Want to know which sites you visit that respect your privacy and do not participate in Canvas Fingerprinting?
    WinPrivacy Knows.
  • Want to do your part by patronizing non-canvasing sites?
    Double-check the site using the Non-Fingerprint tab in WinPrivacy Explorer.
  • Do you want to be alerted when a site you visit is potentially Canvas Fingerprinting?
    WinPrivacy can do that.

WinPrivacy settings are easy to use and understand.

  • Frustrated by programs that don’t explain what settings do what?
    We’re writing WinPrivacy for you the customer, not ourselves. Therefore, if we’ve missed the mark and something is not easy to use, we’ll fix it.
  • Want to kick the tires before you activate all of the settings?
    Not a problem, by default we ship with all settings that can block programs or internet sites off by default.
  • Need to change a setting for an immediate need?
    No problem, all settings changes take effect immediately and can be changed as often as you’d like.
WinPrivacy Settings Page

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